Core Features

Front-end: Bootstrap | Vue.js

Twitter Bootstrap speeds up development and is packed with features. It has a fluid grid layout, responsive design, custom form elements, typography, JavaScript interaction, an extensive list of components and cross-browser compatibility. These give your website a sleek and stylish look.

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Back-end: PHP | Laravel

Laravel, a powerful server-side MVC PHP-framework. PHP is one of the world's most popular programming languages for web development. It is both flexible and scalable.

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Why Laravel?

Laravel provides powerful blade templating, an Eloquent ORM that allows complete controll over all aspects of a database-driven website. Authentication scaffolding. It even allows API's to be developed for mobile devices.It gives you much more flexibility than using a typical WordPress template.

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East London ICT

More Features

Rapid Development

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

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Many Features

Revolution Slider, Typography, Forms, Shopping Carts, Video Backgrounds, Parallex, Google Maps and More.

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100% Responsive

Integrated grid system creates designs that are fully responsive on tablets and mobile devices.

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SEO & SM Optimized

Manual optimization of webpages for search engines and buttons for sharing on social networks.

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JavaScript | jQuery

Custom jQuery plugins such as Dropdown and Carousel put life into Bootstrap's components.

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Cross browser Compatible

Compatible with different browsers over a wide range of platforms and operating systems including mobile.

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Here are some of the recent websites that we have designed and developed. This gives you an indication of the quality that we deliver.

Web Design

Maruis Heunis Incorporated

A standard business website for an attorney with a custom PHP indebtedness calculator.

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Web Design

ITM Architects

A standard business website for an architect with contact form.

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Web Design


A WordPress site for online courses with certification.

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App Development


Focus on PHP geocoding.

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Web Design

Revival Central

A Christian website with a MySQL database.

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Web Design

Your Website

Your website with custom requirements.

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Finance App with Custom JS

Tabbed web app with custom sliders with finance calculations. Back-end solution and calculations, with finance application forms and storage in a database were done through PHP. Each finance application was emailed in the background to the finance provider. Artwork done with Photoshop.

Mobile app programmed in JQuery Mobile to complement the webapp.

Custom web apps will be built using a various modern web technologies. Both front-end and server-end frameworks are used, depending on the best fit and development needs.

Rails with Geocoding

The Rails framework is used to first fetch data from the database on the server-side and then to geocode it (by street or IP address) using a gem. Twitter Bootstrap is used on the front-end. Each entity with their street address, city and country is entered into the database through a form and each entry can be easily edited or deleted.

Geocoding queries the street address, city and country, gives latitude and longitude values and then plots these coordinates on the map. Clusters of markers appear as a single pointer. Zoom in to the map to see the individual markers.

Each entity is sorted alphabetically according to continent and listed under the Google world map.

Here the simplicity and power of Rails can be seen as it manipulates data and accesses databases with ease.

PHP Forms

We use a web form creation tool to create custom server-side forms with database recording and submissions direct to your inbox. We design your form, upload to your website and you get form submissions direct to your inbox. Input validations and spam protection. Receive paypal payments easily. We build complicated tax and finance computation forms, estimations and insurance forms simply and quickly.

You will be able to send an immediate, personalized response to your prospective client. Date pickers, widgets and real-time online calculations allow us to create a custom form easily and quickly for your web or mobile app.