Core SEO Services

Audit, Site Submission & SEO Analytics

Audit, Submission into hundreds of search engines with GSA SEO Indexer.
Create an XML sitemap & robots.txt and submit it to Google.
Setup Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools & PIWIK Analytics.
Easy access to these Analytics Tools from bottom of Home Page.
(5 hours for a small site)

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On-Page SEO

Keyword Research – find the most profitable long tail keywords which can rank easily
as well as having the largest search volumes (SERP’s) for local and global Search Engines.
Advanced On-page SEO optimization for above keywords.
(10 hours for a small site)

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Off-Page SEO

Create Backlinks using automated video SEO (uses Web 2.0 Properties) and a Video Blog Network.
Initial setup is lengthy. Batch runs quick thereafter.
Custom Web Bot (Automation) development and Tool creation with Scraping, Social Media Account Creation, etc.
(10 hours initial setup time for weekly runs)

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East London ICT


Professional Automated Video SEO with Blog Network

It Ranks Very Quickly

Some of videos rank within 6 minutes. Why do they rank so quickly? Google. Google owns YouTube and Hangouts. When a video is processed through Hangouts and YouTube, Google immediately ranks the video in YouTube. It takes a while longer to rank in Google.

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Can completely Dominate a niche

In some niches, you can have all 10 of your videos on the first page in YouTube. This is total domination.

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Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird Friendly

It is not an old school link building tool. Rather it is a post-Penguin Post-Panda Post-Hummingbird tool. A truly new school tool which is professional. It is not spammy and should survive future algo updates.

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East London ICT

More Features

Blog Network

A large network of blogs with embedded videos produce powerful backlinks.

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Web 2.0 Properties

A large network of social media networks with powerful tiered backlinks and blogs with embedded videos.

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Hangout | YouTube Live

Video marketing is the future of internet marketing. Google immediately ranks these videos.

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Private Video Network

Powerful backlinks from yet another source - a private video network.

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Very Flexible

You can use quality public photos (Instagram) to create a quick video or you can put more effort into video creation.

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One video can create an infinite number of videos to post. Every video created is unique.

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Process Overview

We use a Powerful Automated Tool

We use the only tool available today that provides the ability to leverage Hangouts without having to create a video yourself. No costly videos with correct lighting, dressing up for a camera, quality webcam and microphone, quality cameras, etc.

Hangouts are powerful. Google is really encouraging the use of them and what we typically see is much preference of Hangouts and YouTube Live over typical videos.

This tool that we use is also the only one in existence that allows you to broadcast "Video Content" in real-time Live as a Hangout or YouTube Live Event. It is fully automated. A next generation tool allowing us to offer the gold standard in video marketing.

We provide a virtual marketing department to clients or a service to any professional marketer using both this tool and others, as well as proven and established internet marketing principles and practices.

Professional or Public Footage

Though not essential, we can provide online marketing using your professional marketing videos. This is the most professional way to market. However, if cost is a factor, public video footage can also be used. This is freely available from sites such as Instagram.


The easiest and quickest way is to use photos. These are either photos which you have or public photos on Instagram which can freely be used for commercial purposes.