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We offer a wide range of branded notebooks, ultra books, ultra portables, tablets, hybrids and accessories. Delivery can be made to anywhere within the borders of South Africa at no extra cost. We source our notebooks and tablets from some of the largest economy-of-scale national suppliers providing you with the best that South Africa has to offer.

Custom Setup

If required, we will come to you if you are within our service area. Remote support is also available.

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HP, Acer, Mecer, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and more. We source most brands and offer a full range of hardware and software.

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We source Notebooks | Tablets | Software from a mix of National Distribution Partners.

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Mail us your specs and we will quote on the best model(/s) which are currently available in South Africa.

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All of the Notebooks & Tablets supplied have a standard (or extended) Manufacturer's warranty .

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We also supply Desktops, Servers, Routers, Printers, Scanners, Software and Consumables.

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We have live prices and stock availability checking from our distribution partners.

Educational Corner


There has been a big change in the notebook market. Tablets have changed the market. They are also touch based. Today there is a wide variety of tablets and notebooks, tablet/notebook hybrids and notebooks which have touch screens.

Notebooks have also become slimmer than in the past. Ultra-books with their sleek, slim design, solid state drives (SSD) and long battery life have become popular.

Screen size

Screen size is still important when buying a notebook. The standard 15.6 ” size is still the most popular because they are the cheapest. Ensure that the maximum resolution (HD, full HD, Retina) is right for you. It is also better to look at an i3 or higher to give you good processing power. A quad core processor (i5 or higher) is recommended. Memory must be at least 4GB even when buying the cheapest of notebooks. Battery life is important. This ranges from 4 hours to 10 hours. A 6-cell battery is recommended as the minimum for reasonable battery life. The operating system needs to be 64-bit.

The SL-version is adequate as a standalone. Logging into a domain on a network requires the Professional version of the Operating System.

Four years ago, Apple introduced the first tablet or slate into the market. The iPad. Since then more and more tablets have come into the market. Android tablets overtook Apple in 2013. Windows 8 and 10 tablets are a game changer. Tablets have become very popular and this tablet market could make up 50% of the PC market in the near future.


Essential items recommended are a correct-sized carry bag, a wireless mouse and Microsoft Office.



We recommend that you update the Operating System to Windows 10. The download is free from Microsoft. Windows 10 has many new advanced features such as Battery Saver for notebooks. This feature allows you to easy extend the battery life.


We recommend that you purchase a 2.5" external hard drive for backup of data. Data can also be stored in the cloud. However, due to slow internet speeds in South Africa, I recommend the former approach.

NAS backup storage is a better, although more pricey option, having multiple hard drives with raid and can be used to back up data from all your workstations on your network.


We service notebooks - replace broken LCD or LED screens, power repairs, keyboard and hard drive replacement with data recovery, additional memory.

We also recommend that you use isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to wipe your screen and unit from time to time.