About Us

Hoets and Associates was founded in 1997 in King William's Town, South Africa in the early days of ICT. God's hand was on the business from the beginning. PCs were also in great demand at this time and the start-up grew quickly. Hardware and Software Sales and Consulting Services became the backbone of our business. Our clientele included established schools and local businesses.

Strong problem solving skills coming from a post-graduate university background in Mathematical Statistics (as well as Computer Science and Accounting) proved to be a plus and opened doors to new business opportunities.

In 2003, Hoets and Associates relocated to East London. Clients in the surrounding areas are still serviced. However, our main service area shifted to East London. The move brought in new clients and the business grew a lot at this time.

  • Over time, as the ICT industry has begun to mature, we have added quality Web Design & Development and Advanced SEO services to our mix and this has allowed us to broaden our target market from local to international.

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    With approximately 20 years of experience and ever-growing skills, we have the wisdom and depth to consistently give excellent service.

Why Choose Us

We seek to consistently meet and even exceed your expectations.

We are realistic and do not cut corners. Our word is good. We know our limitations. If your specific ICT need is outside our expertise, we will rather refer you someone who can help you than to give you poor service.
We have an unusually open approach with our clients. We are also clear as to the rates which are applicable. No hidden agenda. No hidden costs.
A careful approach, tempered by experience and skill, brings consistency to our solutions. We are available, and responsive.
We hold fast to old-time values and one of them is loyalty. You can depend on us to take ownership of your ICT and to keep downtime to a minimum.
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