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Our Service Area is East London and Surrounds. East London Computers. We supply both branded business computers such as HP and Acer as well as custom built-to-spec systems. We source our technology from a mix of both local and large national economy-of-scale suppliers, giving a mix of quick delivery and excellent pricing. Delivery can be made to anywhere within the borders of South Africa at no additional cost. However, our service area for on-site support is limited to East London and surrounds.


We will come to you if necessary. Remote support is also available.

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HP, Acer, Mecer, Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and more. We source most brands and offer a full range of hardware and software.

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We source Hardware | Software from a mix of Local and National Distribution Partners.

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We will first quote you where possible.

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All of the PC's supplied have a standard (or extended) Manufacturer's warranty .

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We also supply Servers, Routers, Printers, Laptops, Tablets, Scanners, Software and Consumables.

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We have live prices and stock availability checking from our distribution partners.

Educational Corner


There are many options available today. We need to decide whether to purchase a desktop or a notebook. Notebooks are portable, but most fall short of a desktop in many areas. Screen. Keyboard. Graphics card. Customization. Sound. Many today have both a desktop and a notebook.

Desktops come standard, compact or as high-end graphics workstations.

1. Processor

The processor is the most important component which determines whether your pc will be snappy or sluggish. A dual-core processor(i3) is suitable for a personal assistant who uses Microsoft Office extensively. The more cores a processor has, the better it performs especially in multi-tasking. A quad-core processor(i7) is ideal for a high-end user and is essential for graphics-intense applications.

We can use a tool such as Process Explorer to look deeper into the threads and processor usage.

Viruses and bloatware will bring sluggishness to a pc. Investigate and remove by drilling down into the thread usage and identifying the culprits.

2. Storage

The second most important performance component is your hard drive. The performance and boot up time can be vastly improved by having a SSD (solid-state drive) as your primary drive. This will make your computer more responsive and is highly recommended. A secondary slower SATA3 hard drive can be used for data storage.

3. Display

We recommend a 23-24" LED Monitor and preferably two of them. Extend your workspace over two monitors. This will be much better than using a single monitor. A onboard | separate graphics card with two separate channels will be needed. Although an entry-level 19" display will be sufficient for general office work, we highly recommend consider purchasing two larger monitors.

4. Graphics Card

When it comes to video-rich and graphics-rich applications, performance is more determined by the graphics processor (GPU) than by the CPU. The graphics card will take the load off from the CPU allowing the CPU to be free for other processes. High-end graphics cards can be very pricey.

5. Power Supply Unit and Chassis

The case needs be large enough for expansion in the future. This depends on your needs. For example, you may require space for a second graphics card. There also need to be SATA3 ports for SSD storage. Good air flow and quiet-running fans are essential to keep the workstation cool. A good quality power supply unit will be silent, handle the higher power requirements of graphics cards and provide better protection against surges and spikes.

6. Operating System and Microsoft Office

We recommend the upgrade to Windows 10. It is a free, yet large (3GB), download from Microsoft. It has been well received by ICT professionals as well as the general public and has been given the thumbs up.