Core Features

Hardware and Software Sales

Desktops - Laptops - Printers - Servers - Routers - Software - Toners.
Sourced from reputable Local and National Distribution Partners and are backed by Manufacturer warranties.

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Consulting Services

Our highly skilled and experienced computer technician(/s) are more than capable for all your technical computer needs. Hoets and Associates Business Computers services the East London and surrounding areas including King William’s Town, Bhisho, and more. .

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Outsourcing & Management Function

We offer a virtual ICT department, taking ownership and managing your ICT both remotely and on-site. A Virtual CIO for your business.

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East London ICT

More Features

Desktop | Notebook Support

Deployment of new equipment, upgrade and repair of infrastructure.

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Servers & Networks

Servers, Networks, ADSL and Routers. UTP Cabling and Internet/WAN/LAN troubleshooting.

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery where no mechanical fault exists with the hard drive.

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Security | Virus Removal

Thorough removal of viruses and even zero day viruses. Automated to manual solutions.

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Backup & UPS

Protect your data through a solid backup system and uninterruptable power supplies.

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Accounting | ERP

Software solutions include Microsoft software, Antivirus products, Accounting and ERP software.

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Things We Recommend

A Dedicated Server

Dead-end solutions can be very expensive mistakes for your business.

An important concept...
Real Networking Solutions Begin with Real Servers

A dedicated server can save you money by avoiding inevitable disasters.
As a virtual CIO, part of my responsibility is to see that “sound” decisions are made. In other words, don’t let my small business clients invest in “dead end” peer-to-peer networking solutions that are difficult to support and expensive to upgrade.
A “real” server should be a “no brainer” again, for all but the tiniest of businesses.

Small business clients come to me because they need a reliable, yet cost-effective networking solution. I know that their data, uptime , and security issues are important, and that there are some corners that aren’t worth cutting.

Preventative Maintenance Plan (SLA) Option

Preventative maintenance helps safeguard your company's data by keeping your systems virus-free, creating backup copies of all important data, updating security patches to protect against newly discovered system vulnerabilities.

Preventative maintenance improves performance by defragmenting hard drives and keeping hardware components free from dust and dirt.

By safeguarding your systems and keeping those systems running at their optimum performance levels, preventive maintenance will save money by avoiding costly downtime, avoiding costly “wait time” while the systems chug along at sluggish speeds, avoiding costly repairs and avoiding costly data retrieval.

Windows 10

We recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10. It is an improvement on Windows 8 and 8.1 both in performance and features. The update is free to download for a limited period.

You may need professional assistance for the upgrade in some instances.

Windows 10 is a fast booting operating system. The start menu has returned, Cortana, a virtual assistant has been introduced. Edge, a better and much faster browser is included. There are also many other features such as a battery saver for notebooks and a drill down of apps according to storage space used.